Our Lawn Care Program

The changing seasons can wreak havoc to your lawn, particularly with the rapid weather changes our area experiences. Maintaining a healthy, beautiful lawn isn’t difficult, and many of the procedures take very little time. We have designed a fertilization and weed control program to help you keep your lawn looking good throughout the changing seasons.

In all of our lawn applications, we use a dry fertilizer with slow time-release nitrogen. With this type of fertilizer, there is no risk of burning the lawn. The liquid weed control is applied separately from the fertilizer so that we have greater flexibility to meet the needs of our customer’s individual property in the most effective manner. This two step process may take longer, but it is the best way to achieve the intended results.

Our regular lawn care program consists of 4 applications of dry fertilizer & weed control applied between the months of March – October. A customer is not required to take a full program of the four applications, we want to work with our customers to decide what type of program is best for you. One may decide to only take 3 or even 2 applications throughout the season. The applications are spaced approximately 7 – 8 weeks apart. But in between the applications, if there is any sort of problems with your lawn, we encourage our customers to contact us so we can make a trip out to your property to see what can be done to help. There is no extra charge for us to stop out in between the scheduled applications.

We also offer additional services such as Grub Preventive, Core Aeration & Late Fall Fertilization. These services are optional services that our customers can request at anytime of the season.