Lawn Maintenance

Maintaining a Healthy Lawn

How many times have you seen it? A beautiful house surrounded by a brown, patchy lawn that looks as though it’s been neglected for years. Chances are that lawn hasn’t been neglected, but rather the wrong tools and techniques are being used to ensure a green, healthy yard. If you’ve been struggling with lawn maintenance, you aren’t alone. Millions of homeowners consider this aspect of home maintenance as their most difficult. With the right resources and information, however, you can turn your yard into your biggest strength.

Why Lawn Maintenance Matters

It’s human nature to make spot judgments based on first impressions. Fair or not, one of the first things anyone will notice about your property is the lawn. You can have a gorgeous home, fancy cars in the driveway and a lovely picket fence surrounding the backyard, but if your lawn isn’t up to par, you’re not going to make the impression you intended. Poor lawn maintenance can drive down property values.

Getting the Help You Need is proud to be the ultimate resource for tips and information about lawn maintenance. Whether you have a green thumb or can’t figure out how to start a mower, we have tips that will take your lawn maintenance and care to the next level. Our sections include:

Aerating and Thatch – Because the tools sold at the local hardware stores are so useless, many homeowners skip this important piece of the lawn maintenance puzzle. If aerating has always been a mystery to you, let us explain the best tools, techniques and resources for the job.

Lawn Fertilizer – A well-fed lawn is a healthy lawn. But, fertilizing your lawn properly is about more than just sprinkling a bag of the bestselling brand a couple of times a year. Let our lawn technicians take care of this for you to improve the growth of your grass.

Lawn Watering – What could be simpler than watering your lawn? As you probably know, there’s more to this crucial aspect of lawn maintenance than meets the eye. Use our lawn watering advise to make sure your grass is getting the water it needs.