Choosing the Right Fertilizers

When applied at the right time and in the right amounts, fertilizer can be the secret ingredient to a healthy, green lawn. However, fertilizer is not a miracle cure, and it cannot create a beautiful lawn on its own. When used along with aerators, herbicides and soil amendments, fertilizer can have a profound effect. Unfortunately, it’s easy to damage your lawn by using too much fertilizer or applying it at the wrong time. So, why not let us handle it for you? We always know how much and the correct time to fertilize your lawn.

Types of Lawn Fertilizer

Most grass fertilizers are either quick-release or slow-release. We prefer to use the slow-release products because they don’t need to be applied as frequently and are less likely to cause fertilizer burn. These products typically contain nitrogen and potassium. The majority of lawn fertilizers contain between 20 and 40 percent nitrogen. In general, nitrogen is the most important element and is delivered in the highest concentration. Potassium makes other nutrients more available.

Application Schedules For Lawn Fertilization

Our full program consists of 4 applications a year (Spring, Early Summer, Summer & Fall), which are applied at approximately 7-8 week entervals. We are however very flexible with our program, you can choose whichever applications are right for your needs. We also offer a Late Fall or winterizer application. This is applied in November and contains a higher rate of nitrogen that is designed to store in the grass plant over winter and release the nutrients in the spring.

Application Rates

With fertilizer, less is more. Over-fertilizing causes discoloration and promotes disease activity. That’s why it’s important to follow a timely application program. Your lawn will look better and be healthier.