Early Summer

As summer draws closer, you and your family will start spending plenty of time on your beautiful lawn. During this season, your grass needs special care to keep it healthy and green.Our Early Summer Lawn Application is applied during the months of mid May – early July. This early summer application consists of balanced time-release fertilizer. The broadleaf weed control is applied as needed. Because insect activity can occur at any time during the growing season, a full inspection of the property is made during each visit. If insect problems, we will notify our customer of the appropriate action needed.


This is the time of year to start thinking about having a Grub Preventive applied to your lawn. Grubs are insects that feed on the roots of your lawn. The grub preventive application will apply a barrier of insecticide that will last until the time that the grubs are actively feed on the roots of your lawn. This time is approximately late August – early September. We apply this application during the months of June and July. The grub preventive needs to be applied no later than the end of July.


By this time, you should be mowing at a 3” cutting height for the rest of the summer. The best time of day to mow, is early evening. Remember to always check that your mower blade is sharp. Never cut midday and also try to cut in different directions each mowing. This will prevent ruts from occurring in the lawn. You do not have to bag the clippings unless the grass in extremely long and leaving clumps. Leaving the clippings fall will not create thatch buildup, approximately 98% of the clippings decompose. See our mowing section for more information.


At this time of year, you should ideally try to water 1 – 1 ½ hours per area once every 4-6 days. The best time to water is early morning. Avoid watering at night, this can cause disease activity in your lawn. Do not try to water your entire lawn in one day unless you have a underground sprinkler system. Moving hoses is time consuming and you don’t want to be a slave to your lawn. Try watering half the lawn one day, then the rest a day or two later.

Disease Activity

This is also the time of year that diseases can become active. Proper watering and mowing are major factors on whether disease activity will start. There are usually disease problems during the summer due to high temperatures and humidity. You can usually see these areas starting to turn brown. During our visits to your lawn, we are checking for disease activity. If we notice this problem, we will notify our customer and advise on what action is needed.