Your Lawn Care Professionals

Your Lawn Care Professionals

Landscape Associates, Inc. has been servicing the southwest suburbs of Chicago, IL since 1989. We are company specializing in professional lawn care fertilization and its related services.

Landscape Associates, Inc. is a company built on years of knowledge. We have learned to identify and deal with the various turf problems that arise in a season. It is our experience in the field that allows us to provide personalized service that generates results.

In all of our lawn applications, we use a dry fertilizer with slow time-release nitrogen. We feel this is the best type of fertilizer because when used at the correct application rates, it will deliver the most appropriate amount of food with no risk of burning. The liquid weed control is applied separately from the fertilizer so that we will have a greater flexibility to meet the needs of your individual property in the most effective manner. This two step process may take longer, but it is the best way to achieve the intended results.

Our goal is to provide top-notch advice that addresses common issues you face when caring for your lawn. We know lawn care is an uphill battle, we thrive to work with you to make your lawn look its best.

By browsing through our site, you will find a varied of tips that deal with:

  • Keeping your yard green
  • The best lawn equipment to use: lawn mowers, hedgers, etc
  • Taking care of your lawn in various weather conditions
  • Eliminating weeds from your yard
  • Eliminating pests from your yard
  • And much more

Whether dealing with aeration, weed control, fertilization or simply just watering, we have you covered. The perfect lawn is just a click way. Select a category to get started.